Traveling with a Bicycle

Touring with a Bicycle by Dr. Yan Lyansky

Touring across the country was a life changing trip for me. I experienced changes to:

1. My Body - I lost over 20lbs and became an amazingly strong cyclist. I started mountain bike racing right after my first tour. The fitness I gained has stayed with me for the past 20+ years. 

2. My Mind - Before the trip I believed I had limits to my ability. During my journey, I learned I had no limits. I understand I can do anything, run a marathon, get a Ph.D. in math, beat a grandmaster at chess.

3. Spirit - I considered myself unhappy before I left, I would complain often. After the trip, I learned to say thank you for everything. This changed my life by improving on all of my relationships.


Are you interested in doing a bicycle tour? If so I have made a list of items most people will need below. Please understand everyone is different and my opinions are just that....don't take them too seriously.

1. Bicycle ( Frame and Suspension )

2. Rack / Rack pack

3. Pedals/Shoes

4. Sleeping bag

5. Tent/ Sleeping Options

6. Tools/Parts

7. Clothes

8. Saddle

9. Brakes

10. Mirror

11. Lights

12. Gloves

13. Helmet

14. Grips