Folding Bike Security


Bicycle theft is a serious business, every year between 800,0000 and 2 million bikes are stolen. This doesn't include parts stolen from a bike that make it unusable. Bike thieves normally get a slap on the wrist, so this problem will not go away anytime soon. Please understand there are professional bike thieves all over the country especially NYC, and the west coast. I had a bike stolen about fifteen years ago, soon after I decided to stop using locks. I take my folding bike everywhere I go: offices, shopping, bank, library, traffic court, bus, and train. For libraries and traffic court I used a bag to cover the bike, to make sure everything would be fine. While shopping I put it in the shopping cart and roll around with it.

8S in a shopping cart at a grocery store

Please read how to prevent bicycle thefts, and make sure to write down your serial number as soon as you get your bicycle. Also take a look at bicycle law's resource for bike theft.


Stay safe and keep your bike yours!

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