Folding Bicycles Small size Advantage

Folding bike take up less space


Folding bikes use about 1/3 the space ( volume ) as standard bikes. This savings allows one to carry two folding bikes in the trunk of a standard car. I have taken four folders and four people inside a full sized SUV. Using folding bicycles there is no need to buy a bike rack and risk problem by leaving your bike outside. I keep my bike in my car at all times, just in case I need it.

Additionally multi-mode transportation becomes a reality. You can use a folding bicycle with a bus or train. In Fall 2016 I taught in Hawaii and lived far from the campus. I used the bus and carried my folding bicycle inside. Once in town I used the bike to do my shopping and run errands. Then I took the bus back home. Keep in mind folding bicycles are allowed on most trains, while full sized bikes are not.

Once I flew with a folding bike, after getting off the plane I rode the bike to my final destination and went back to the airport at night. I saved time, money, and got in a great workout.

Author: Dr. Yan Lyansky