Folding Bike: Why is it Better?


What are the advantages of a folding bike? Why should you get a folding bike? We will make a list of reasons:

1. One size fits most: If you have a friend or family member that needs to borrow your bike it will fit. All you need to do is adjust the saddle height and stem height.

2. Security: Bike thieves are always on the prowl. You can fold the bike and take it everywhere you go, no need to lock it outside and risk problems.

3. Friendly: Folding bikes are cool and different. You will make alot of friends riding a folder. Expect alot of questions from curious people.

4. Small size: It fits in the trunk of a car, and takes up little space at home. It also fits inside a shopping cart.

5. Small wheel folding bikes are fast: The small wheels are more efficient up until 16mph, so they accelerate from standstill very quick, and they climb like a goat. 

6. Just in case: It can go anywhere in case of catastrophic emergencies


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