Body alignment

Full Body Alignment is Essential

Ask any chiropractor, when the human body is aligned it is stronger, faster, less prone to injury, and it just feels better. The best way to work on alignment is to work on flexibility, and cycling is the best low impact flexibility training for the lower body.

I have a personal story to share about cycling and alignment. In my mid 20's I had an injury which created a misalignment on the entire right side of my body. My right foot, knee, and hip were all out of place for many years. I have worked as a Yoga instructor to help correct the problem. However my best results happened this year once I started working as a bicycle delivery rider for Jimmy John's. My right hipe is almost perfect, my knee is as good as it has been in many years and my foot has improved tremendously.

Please try to ride every day at an intense level, or better yet get a job delivering food by bicycle!