Flying with my Bike to Asheville NC

Posted by Yan Lyansky on Jun 19th 2015

Asheville, NC happens to be one of my most preferred towns in the United States. So many people are purchasing new homes in Asheville and that includes President Obama of all people. Isn’t that cool? There are several reasons why Asheville is so special to me. It is in close proximity to the ideal Chattooga wastewater kayaking in the East Coast. In addition, it is close to a few of the best hiking locations in the United States. Asheville doesn’t usually get humid in the summer months, and it is where you will find two really cool college campuses, namely Warren Wilson College and UNC Asheville. Head on downtown and you will experience an eclectic setting in the unique and old artsy town, which you can hardly find in the South. No wonder so many celebrities have caught on and are relocating here.

I was recently looking for a home in the Asheville area, even though, I reside about ten hours away. I did a search online and discovered that there were several log cabin houses north of Asheville. In fact, it was close to UNC Asheville. I was excited with my find and so I took an early flight, bringing my Downtube front suspension folding bike along in a soft suitcase. The flight arrived at 11 AM. This left me a lot of time to view the house and still be able to spend some time at UNC Asheville, which I found to be one of the model college campuses located in the western hemisphere – pretty cool!

I thought about taking a cab to the airport, but could only get bus service. However, it only cost me a dollar to take the bus. So, I unpacked my bicycle from the soft suitcase, buckled the soft case onto the back rack and then securely attached it with a bungee. While on the airplane, I had my folding bike packed in my suitcase, but once I got there, I decided to switch and pack the suitcase on my bike instead. I found this to be an excellent concept when travelling. Before, I had never thought about doing this, but it just worked out like this.

I boarded the bus and everyone was so stoked by my bike, I got many compliments. I guess you could make the assumption that my folding bike allowed me to make many friends on the bus. I had to do a bus transfer to UNC Asheville campus and then I rode my bike to the house from the campus. However, when I got there, unfortunately, I discovered that it was just a half log cabin and it was kept in poor condition. Therefore, I did not purchase it, but since I had so much free time on my hands, I rode my bike back to UNC Asheville until it was time to catch the 8 PM flight back home.

As I got to the airport, I retrieved the soft case from the rack and placed the bike inside of it. I went through the check-in process with my bike and had to pay no baggage fees. There was no hassle and I thought deeply about it as I flew home - that this is certainly the way for everyone to fly! My folding bike allowed me to be self-sufficient. I only spent $1 on bus fare and $20 on food.

I am planning on taking another trip to Asheville, but the next time, I will make sure to take an additional day so I can stop by Biltmore Estates, which is a tourist attraction and private estate in Asheville. I plan to also schedule a trip on Chatooga with Wildwater at I advise you to include the Chattooga Section IV in your trip when you book it. You will be blown away!