Downtube Swims with the Sharks

Posted by Yan Lyansky on Jun 18th 2015

Most of my friends have encouraged me to try out for Shark Tank, the TV show. One of my best friends, Scott, watches the show religiously. He would never stop badgering me about trying out. I planned on trying out in 2014, however the closest audition location was held on graduation day. Being a math faculty I had to attend graduation.

Well 2015 rolled around and the closest audition location was once again on graduation day. Not to be denied I planned on taking a road trip to the next location in Houston, Tx. I planned on leaving on Wednesday May 27th, however major floods hit Houston on Tuesday May 26th. I decided to put off the road trip until the weather cleared up.

On Friday morning the weather looked good so I went to pack two bikes into suitcases, however I only had one oversized suitcase and needed to transport two bikes. We tried a regulation sized suitcase and the mini fit perfectly...who knew that would work??? I always placed mini's in oversized cases, so I never knew. I just had to pull the seat post out and lay it alongside the frame.

mini bike folded in suitcase

I arrived in Houston Friday night. I brought two bikes a 9FS and a miniB. Upon unpacking the bikes I noticed my suitcase was damaged and the chain ring on the 9FS was bent rendering it unridable. I was able to do some cosmetic surgery on the bike to make it look good.

On Saturday I was off to Rice University Business School. It was to start at 10AM and I arrived at 8:30AM, however I was 206th in line, that's right I was not early enough. I had to wait until nearly 3PM for my turn. Finally I got my turn, and my judge was impressed with the bikes, our business and my background as a math professor.

She told me to wait two weeks for a follow up if they are interested. One week has passed with no phone call. One more week to see if we swim with the sharks.