Bicycle Tools you should never buy

Posted by Yan Lyansky on Jun 18th 2015

Tools and Parts you should Never buy...( sort of )

#1 spoke wrench:

As a youngster, I vividly recall going to the bike shop and purchasing a universal spoke wrench. I came home and started tightened all my loose spokes, then I tightened all the spokes a bit more, and then again just to make sure everything was ok. Once I was done my wheel was the shape of an egg, so I started messing with it again to get it right.....and it got worse. The next day I went to the bike shop and the owner looked at me and laughed. He said the joke in the business is each time you sell a spoke wrench you also get to true a wheel. I was upset that he did not warn me before. So this is your warning....don't buy a spoke tool unless you plan on learning to build a wheel.

#2 New pedals:

Righty tighty and lefty loosy does not work for bicycle pedals. Pedals tighten toward the front of the bike and loosen towards the rear. Many customers strip the non-drive side pedal because the threads are backwards. Please be careful with pedals.

#3 Bottom Bracket Tool:

I recall getting my first BB tool and attempting to swap out a BB. It did not go well, BB thread the opposite of pedals. They tighten towards the back of the bike and loosen towards the front. Hence everyone has issues on the drive side of their first removal. Mine got jammed real bad, I needed air tools to get it out.

#4 New Rim:

Rims have different thickness, and some will not work with your existing spokes. You may need to buy all new spokes to make it work.

I hope this saves you time and money!