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Folding Bike Measurements

The below diagrams should help riders understand if our bikes will fit their needs. Max distance from pedal to top of saddle and effective top tube length help define if the bike will fit you. You should measure these distances on your current bikes to see if our bikes will satisfy your needs. Keep in mind the top tube length is adjustable and can be made very small, additionally it can be lengthened by using a longer stem. The standover height is very important to shorter riders or those with bad hips. The wheelbase will tell you how stable a bike will ride.

capreo folding bike measurements.

Mini measurements

A. Top Tube 21 3/4 " (55.25cm)
B. Chainstay 15 11/16 " (39.85cm)
C. Wheelbase 37 15/16 " (96.35cm)
D. Standover Height 20.5" (52cm)
E. Effective Top Tube Length 24" (60.95cm)
F. SeatTube 13 7/16" (34.1cm)
max distance from top of pedal 35.5" (90.1cm)

measurements for front suspension 9sp and internal hub bikes

9 & 8Hi measurements

A. Top Tube 23 1/2 " (59.7cm)
B. Chainstay 16 1/2 " (41.9cm)
C. Wheelbase 42 1/8 " (107cm)
D. Standover Height 20" (50.8cm)
E. Effective Top Tube Length 27 3/16 " (69cm)
F. SeatTube 13.25" (33.6cm)
max distance from top of pedal 36" (91.4cm)

FS folding bike measurements

A. Top Tube 23" (58.4cm)
B. Chainstay 18 1/16 " (45.9cm)
C. Wheelbase 42" (106.7cm)
D. Standover Height 25" (63.5cm)
E. Effective Top Tube Length 26" (66cm)
F. SeatTube 13.25" (33.7cm)
max distance from top of pedal to back of saddle 38.5" (97.8cm)


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